What is the white matter of the spinal cord composed of?

What is the white matter of the spinal cord composed of?

What is the white matter of the spinal cord composed of?

Composition of White Matter White matter is composed of bundles of myelinated nerve cell processes (or axons). The axons connect various grey matter areas (the locations of nerve cell bodies) of the brain to each other and carry nerve impulses between neurons.

What is found in the ventral horn of the spinal cord?

The ventral horns contains the cell bodies of motor neurons that send axons via the ventral roots of the spinal nerves to terminate on striated muscles. The ventral (and ventrolateral or anterolateral) columns carry both ascending information about pain and temperature, and descending motor information.

Where is white matter in the spinal cord?

White matter in the spinal cord is sometimes called superficial tissue because it is located in the outer regions of the brain and spinal cord.

Is white matter found in the dorsal horn and ventral horn of the spinal cord?

Surrounding the gray matter is white matter containing myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers. These fibers conduct information up (ascending) or down (descending) the cord. The white matter is divided into the dorsal (or posterior) column (or funiculus), lateral column and ventral (or anterior) column (Figure 3.8).

What is the GREY and white matter in the spinal cord?

The grey matter also extends from the brain into the spinal cord. The grey matter creates a hornlike structure throughout the inside of the spinal cord while the white matter makes up the surrounding sections of the spinal cord. The grey matter does extend to the spinal cord to make signaling more effective.

How can you tell the difference between dorsal and ventral horns?

The dorsal horns are the thinner projections of dark matter that jut out from the rest towards the dorsal/back side of the spinal cord. The ventral horns are the wider projections of dark matter towards the ventral/front side of the spinal cord.

Is white matter just axons?

White matter is found in the deeper tissues of the brain (subcortical). It contains nerve fibers (axons), which are extensions of nerve cells (neurons). Many of these nerve fibers are surrounded by a type of sheath or covering called myelin. Myelin gives the white matter its color.

What happens if dorsal horn is damaged?

After nerve injury, CatS-expressing activated microglia in spinal cord dorsal horn innervated by damaged fibers release CatS, which then liberates soluble fractalkine from primary afferent terminals and surrounding spinal neurons.

What are the 3 main functions of the spinal cord?

What does the spinal cord do?

  • Motor Functions – directs your body’s voluntary muscle movements.
  • Sensory Functions – monitors sensation of touch, pressure, temperature and pain.
  • Autonomic Functions – regulates digestion, urination, body temperature, heart rate, and dilation/contraction of blood vessels (blood pressure).

    What parts of the brain are GREY matter?

    Unlike the structure of the spinal cord, the grey matter in the brain is present in the outermost layer. The grey matter surrounding the cerebrum is known as the cortex of the brain. There are two major cortexes in the brain, the cerebral cortex and the cerebellar cortex.

    What happens when the dorsal root is cut?

    The lateral division of the dorsal root contains lightly myelinated and unmyelinated fibres of small diameter. These carry pain and temperature sensation. If the dorsal root of a spinal nerve were severed it would lead to numbness in certain areas of the body.