7 Effective Steps To Combat World Hunger

7 Effective Steps To Combat World Hunger

7 Effective Steps To Combat World Hunger

In 2011, over three million children died of malnutrition, many of which were from countries that were not affected by conflict or famine. Sure you can donate some cans of food, money or throw a fundraiser, but there are in fact, several other ways to effectively keep world hunger under control, some of which are listed in this very post.

If there is one company that spares no expense in ridding the world of hunger and poverty, it is certainly SFAM. So here are some of the best ways to help you manage hunger locally and internationally in a sustainable manner:

Donate Food Products

Virtually, every nation around the world has a variety of local organizations that take food donations. After that, they distribute those food items as needed. This is perhaps the safest and easiest way for both you and the organizations to know the best ways to get food to the ones in need.

School Meals

Providing a cup of food to kids in school means that you’re providing a safety net that keeps boys, especially girls, in school so that they can get an education. Not only is this an affordable approach, but it also has many positive knock-on effects.

Safety Nets

About 80% of the world has no safety net. This means that when there’s a financial crisis, food crisis, or a disaster, there is no backup plan. With that in mind, if you can provide a safety net linked to farmers and schools, it means a population can cope much better with their hunger dilemma.

Support Organizations That Hand Out Food

Local churches, shelters, soup kitchens, as well as government organizations will take food donations to redistribute to the needy. You can help out those places by doing more than just donating food as well. They also require money to stay open as well as pay the people that work there. They usually require volunteers to distribute the food. You can find whichever one matches up with who you’re looking for.

Take Food Straight to Those Who Need it

Why wait around for a food shelter to hand out food items when you can just do so on from yourself. Go out and buy some healthy food that doesn’t need to be prepared and take it directly to the homeless that you see on a daily basis. For instance, you buy fresh bananas from the grocery store and then distribute them to the homeless downtown.

Have Your Employer Get Involved

There are businesses that do donation matching, but if the one you work for isn’t already involved, then don’t hesitate to ask your boss about it. This means that any goods or money you donate will be matched by your employer effectively, thereby doubling the amount of good that you do.

Research About the Kind of Help That’s Needed

Like with any given situation, if you into something without having the right kind of research or information, you’ll probably end up doing more harm than good. This goes hand in hand when trying to solve hunger issues.

There are certain types of donations that act as fuel for conflict with warlords.

While you could help out with one country with their famine issues, you could do three or perhaps four times more benefit to people in another country. But in order to start on the right track, it’s important to arm yourself with as much information as you can about a country before going there.

We recommend checking out sites like the United Nations World Food Programme to learn more about the world’s hunger situation. Besides that, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also help out in educating the world about world hunger.