How do I submit a portfolio to NYU?

How do I submit a portfolio to NYU?

How do I submit a portfolio to NYU?

Online Portfolio Submission InstructionsAll components of your portfolio must be submitted through the NYU Steinhardt Slideroom.Create an account or log in to your existing account on Slideroom. All applicants must pay a $10.00 submission fee.All portfolios must be submitted by the application deadline.

How do you get into NYU film?

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Is it hard to get into NYU Tisch?

Your GPA, and high school coursework (especially with AP classes) is a strong sign that you are prepared for college coursework. Those will work well with any school you choose to apply to. That said, Tisch remains a highly competitive school to attend, but you do have a decent chance of getting accepted.

Is NYU film school good?

NYU Film School, my alma matter, has long enjoyed a reputation as a prestigious and top film school in the US and the world. In 2008 I began meeting graduates of NYU Film School here in LA. Many kids were over $70,00 in debt and had no idea how to get a PA gig let alone begin producing a movie.

What is the tuition at NYU Tisch?

49,962 USD (2015 – 16)