How do you say I like in English?

How do you say I like in English?

How do you say I like in English?

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What should I say instead of need?


What is the opposite word for support?

opposition, stop, discouragement, disapproval, frustration.

What do you call a person who supports you?

A patron supports someone or something.

What is a supportive person?

To be supportive is to give help or assistance, or to hold something or someone up. If your parents are supportive of your dreams to become a chef, they might enroll you in cooking classes. Supportive is a snuggly word. Anything that supports you, or embraces you and holds you up is supportive.

How can you be supportive to someone?

So here are easy ways to be a supportive partner:Check In On The Reg. Giphy. Know What They Need. Giphy. Create A Stress-Free Environment. Giphy. Be Quiet And Just Listen. Giphy. Remind Them You Love Them. Giphy. Know When To Ask Questions. Giphy. Acknowledge Problems. Giphy.