Is it correct grammar to say may you please?

Is it correct grammar to say may you please?

Is it correct grammar to say may you please?

But “may you please” is almost always wrong: we don’t typically ask someone to grant themselves permission to do something; we ask them to allow someone else to do something. The proper way to ask is “will you please,” or if you’re trying to be super polite, “would you please” or “could you please.” Dr.

Is May I please polite?

‘May I’ is not particularly polite, it is merely proper English, asking permission. Please is the courtesy word, and is short for ‘if it pleases you’ or ‘at your pleasure’.

Can we please or may we please?

Can and may can both be used to ask for permission, although “may” is considered more formal. “May” is the older word and has meanings that refer to the ability to do something, the possibility of something, as well as granting permission.

Can may be used in a question?

formal/polite? Can I ask you a question? Yes, you can. Yes, you may.

How do you use proceed in a sentence?

Proceed sentence example

  1. You may now proceed through the checkout.
  2. Proceed with caution, as always.
  3. You need to proceed at a considerably slower pace.
  4. Are you saying you want to proceed like we did yesterday?
  5. The next step was informing Mr.
  6. Man’s actions proceed from his innate character and the motives acting upon him.

How do you use may examples?

Example Sentences using MAY and MIGHT

  1. I might watch another episode.
  2. You may bring a partner to our event.
  3. He may have been.
  4. She might tell us what happened if we ask her.
  5. It might rain this afternoon.
  6. We may be invited but I’m not sure.
  7. They might go to the beach this weekend.

Where is May used?

“May” is a modal verb most commonly used to express possibility. It can also be used to give or request permission, although this usage is becoming less common. Examples: Cheryl may be at home, or perhaps at work.

How do you use please proceed in a sentence?

continue a certain state, condition, or activity.

  1. The policeman gestured for us to proceed.
  2. We received sanction to proceed with our plans.
  3. Please proceed with what you are doing.
  4. We must proceed with extreme caution .
  5. The government was determined to proceed with the election.

What is the function of May in a sentence?

The modal verb may is used to ask, grant, or describe permission; to politely offer to do something for someone; to express the possibility of something happening or occurring; or to express a wish or desire that something will be the case in the future.

How Use May in a sentence?

May sentence example

  • ” May I sit with you?” she asked shyly.
  • May we come in? 1152.
  • Do you think they may have given up? 981.
  • They may be too busy running. 809.
  • You may follow me.
  • “You may buy something, if you wish,” said his mother.
  • You may do as you wish.
  • “You may choose any subject that you like best,” said the teacher.

How do you use process in a sentence?

Process sentence example

  1. My God, I can’t even process that!
  2. The process causes physical difficulty and effort.
  3. I don’t think my mind could process it if it did.
  4. I tried to comprehend his thought process but I found it irrational.
  5. In a flash I knew that the word was the name of the process that was going on in my head.