The Top 3 Most Used Addictive Drugs in Portland

The Top 3 Most Used Addictive Drugs in Portland

The Top 3 Most Used Addictive Drugs in Portland

There are many, destructive substances out there today, but among these, some are significantly more addictive than others. In Portland, OR, like in so many, other locations in the US, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol stand distinguished at the very peaks of these particularly addictive substances. For more of the scoop on these drug issues across Portland and elsewhere, read on.


Cocaine really became popular in Oregon and elsewhere through the 1970s and 1980s but never really went away or phased out afterward. That’s likely because this heavy party drug is also incredibly addictive, even with just a single use. While this drug’s penetration into the state also comes by air and numerous, other manners, the foremost routes established by the authorities are highway routes 5, 97, and 84.


Heroin is well known for its terribly degrading effects on the user, and Portland residents in particular know this all too well. In fact, Portland has been listed among the top, three cities for heroin use several years in a row in recent times. Injection, smoking, and snorting are the ingestion methods most utilize once hooked to this sure killer.


While many don’t think of alcohol right away when thinking of addictive drugs, alcohol is actually highly addictive and is listed by the American Addiction Centers as one of the top, five, most addictive substances out there. Being legal for anyone over 21, this one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon for Portlanders or anyone else.

The Final Costs

So, what exactly are the costs of these kinds of highly addictive drugs? At a national level, the costs are enormous with some estimates of subsequent societal financial losses going into the billions each year. The costs of drug abuse in Portland specifically are no different, with addicts and their families and even surrounding communities suffering greatly in a plethora of ways that represent those costs.

For those curious as to the actual, financial street cost of drugs in Portland and the surrounding areas, expert Autumn Brown-Harris of Recovery Blvd Treatment Center in Portland, Oregon gives us a great rundown to demonstrate the actual financial burden to the individual end user:

  • The average price of cocaine is $93 to $112 per gram.
  • The average price of heroin is $100 to $400 per gram.
  • The average price of methamphetamine is $30 to $60 per gram.
  • The average price of crack is approximately $60 per gram.
  • The average cost of opioids varies greatly up to around $25 per pill depending on the actual drug being purchased.

Portland, like many US cities today, is actively engaged in a battle against the large-scale degradation brought along with the widespread use of addictive drugs. If you or anyone you know in Portland or elsewhere is battling such a drug issue, seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t wait, and help save a life, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, right now.