What does Holden write about?

What does Holden write about?

What does Holden write about?

About what did Holden write Stradlater’s composition? He described his dead brother Allie’s baseball glove, which had poems written on it in green ink. Stradlater complained that it was about a baseball glove instead of a room or some more typical composition topic. He insulted Holden, so Holden ripped up the paper.

What was Stradlater’s essay supposed to be about?

Stradlater had said the composition was supposed to be a simple description of a room, a house, or something similarly straightforward. But Holden cannot think of anything to say about a house or a room, so he writes about a baseball glove that his brother Allie used to copy poems onto in green ink.

What does Holden find depressing about Mr Spencer?

What does Holden find depressing about Mr. Spencer? He had pills and medicine all over the place, everything smelled Vick’s Nose Drops, and he was wearing an old robe like he was sick. Holden often uses the term ‘Phony’ to describe people and their actions.

Why does Mr Spencer want Holden?

Mr. Spencer is Holden’s history teacher, from whom Holden received a failing grade, and Spencer has sent Holden a note requesting that he come by his home before leaving town. Holden genuinely likes the old gentleman, one of the few characters in the novel who Holden appreciates, and Spencer likes Holden.

What class is Holden not failing?

What is the only class he passed? He failed four out of five subjects. The only class he passed was English. Why is Holden watching the football game at the beginning of the novel?