What is the dot dot symbol called?

What is the dot dot symbol called?

What is the dot dot symbol called?

The triple-dot punctuation mark is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis, periods of ellipsis, or colloquially, dot-dot-dot.

How do you use dot in a sentence?

Dean pointed to a small dot midpoint on the page. At 3:00 pm on the dot, Sam arrived at the door for her interview. Molly woke me with a rib crushing hug as she pointed to a single star-like dot of light gloriously hanging above us!

What multiple dots mean?

Author has 28.2K answers and 64.8M answer views. Those three dots are together known as an ellipsis (plural: ellipses) or suspension point in the printing trade. The principal (and traditional) function is to indicate intentional omission of a word, section or a whole section of text.

What does 3 straight dots mean?


What does a cross tattoo on your thumb mean?

It signifies that somebody wanted a cross tattoo between their thumb and index finger. A lot of tattoos can have deep personal meanings to the person who got them. Or they may have no meaning at all and the person just liked it. This is something you’d have to ask the person with the tattoo.

What does a cross on hand mean?

The crosses in palmistry have varied auspicious or inauspicious implications subject to the location on the palm. If a cross is found on the three basic lines (Life Line, Head Line, and Heart Line), it suggests obstacle and difficulty while the crosses not on the three basic lines are always auspicious signs.

What does the cross tattoo mean in this is England?

Most members of the gang have cross tattoos on their fingers and foreheads. Both his tear drop and swallow tattoo represent killing someone in prison and now being free. The swastika is an obvious reference to Nazi-ism as many skinheads were racist. This is England ’86 is set three years later.

How old is Woody in This is England?

19 year old

How old is Combo in This is England?


Does combo die this is England?

After turning his life around, Combo met a brutal end in the final episode of this Is England 90, yet Stephen says the show’s creator teased him by hinting the character could return. “The way Combo went out was very sad,” said Stephen. “But afterwards Shane said ‘Well you never know!

Did Milky Die in This is England?

Does Milky die? The movie ends with Milky still in the hospital, as far as I can tell. The only reference afterwards is when Thomas is sitting on his bed and his mum says Milky will be alright.

Who kills combo?

Ortega explained the Combo had associated with the “wrong crowd,” which ultimately led to his death at the hands of a rival drug gang. Jesse later learned that Combo was killed by Tomás Cantillo, Andrea Cantillo’s 11-year-old brother, as part of an initiation into a gang working for Gustavo Fring.

How old is Kelly in This is England?

Cresswell’s first role came in 2006 playing Kelly Jenkins in the film This Is England when she was just sixteen years old.