What is the movie Forbidden Planet about?

What is the movie Forbidden Planet about?

What is the movie Forbidden Planet about?

In this sci-fi classic, a spacecraft travels to the distant planet Altair IV to discover the fate of a group of scientists sent there decades earlier. When Commander John J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen) and his crew arrive, they discover only two people: Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) and his daughter, Altaira (Anne Francis), who was born on the remote planet. Soon, Adams begins to uncover the mystery of what happened on Altair IV, and why Morbius and Altaira are the sole survivors.

What is Forbidden Planet based on?

The Tempest

What is the monster in Forbidden Planet?

Id Monster

What ancient alien civilization is morbius studying in the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet?

the Krell

What is Krell?

In the classic 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet, the extinct race of advanced subterranean beings of the planet Altair IV are known as the Krell. The first human starship to land on Altair IV, the Bellerophon, was destroyed, with the only survivors being Dr.

What year was the Forbidden Planet made?

Ma (USA)

Who wrote Forbidden Planet?

William ShakespeareAllen AdlerIrving Block

Who played Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet?

Marvin MillerGremlins

How tall is Anne Francis?

5′ 8″

How old is Anne Francis?

80 years (1930–2011)

Is Anne Francis still alive?

Deceased (1930–2011)

Who is Anne Francis married to?

Robert Abeloffm. 1960–1964Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.m. 1952–1955

Is Honey West still alive?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Anne Francis, who was best known for her roles in the 1950s science-fiction film “Forbidden Planet” and the 1960s television series “Honey West,” died on Sunday in Santa Barbara, Calif. She was 80. The cause was complications of pancreatic cancer, her daughter Jane Uemura told The Los Angeles Times.

When was Anne Francis born?


How old is Annie Murphy?

33 years (Decem)

Who is older David or Alexis?

David, a member of the central Rose family, is introduced as the spoiled adult son of Johnny and Moira Rose, and the older brother of Alexis Rose.

Does Alexis end up with Ted?

Ted reveals that he’s been offered a full-time job, telling Alexis that the project offered him a three-year contract. After discussing their futures, they decide to amicably end their relationship — Alexis refusing to be the reason he turns down his dream job, and Ted adamant that Alexis chases her own career.

What is Annie Murphy in?

Schitt’s Creek

Who wrote Schitts Creek?

Daniel LevyEugene LevyMichael ShortKevin WhiteDavid West Read

Who plays Moira Rose sister?

Jennifer Irwin