What is the process of recording a picture of an artery or arteries?

What is the process of recording a picture of an artery or arteries?

What is the process of recording a picture of an artery or arteries?

Arterio refers to arteries, and graphy refers to the process of recording something. During an arteriography, your doctor injects dye into your arteries. They then take X-ray images. The dye shows up in the images, allowing your doctor to see any blockage or narrowing in your arteries.

What term means record of an artery?

angiogram. process of recording blood vessels. angiography.

What is a record or picture of the heart called?

A computed tomography (CT) scan of the heart is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create detailed pictures of the heart and its blood vessels. It is called CT angiography if it is done to look at the arteries that bring blood to your heart.

What is Arteriomalacia?

A near-extinct term for the softening of arteries due to necrosis; i.e., arterial necrosis, necrotizing arteritis.

What type of diagnosis is known as a Rule Out?

A:The phrase “rule out” means that the physician is attempting to discount a particular diagnosis from the list of possible or probable conditions the patient may have. He or she is attempting to “rule out” a particular scenario of treatment. Although ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting (Section 1, B.

What are heart cells called?

The heart consists mostly of cardiac muscle cells (or myocardium). The outstanding characteristics of the action of the heart are its contractility, which is the basis for its pumping action, and the rhythmicity of the contraction.

What is the medical term for arteriosclerosis?

[ahr-te″re-o-sklĕ-ro´sis] any of a group of diseases characterized by thickening and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls; popularly called “hardening of the arteries.” Symptoms depend on the organ system involved. adj., adj arteriosclerot´ic.ƒ

What is another word for rule out?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rule out, like: reject, eliminate, exclude, winnow out, preclude, close out, prevent, rule-in, include, add and keep.

What is the process of recording a picture of blood vessels called?

A method of making video images of blood vessels is sonography. A Doppler ultrasound is is a technique for imaging blood flow through the heart and blood vessels to look for plaques and constrictions in the vessels, heart valve defects, and other abnormalities.

Rule out: Term used in medicine, meaning to eliminate or exclude something from consideration. For example, a normal chest x-ray may “rule out” pneumonia.

What is the medical term for narrowing of a blood vessel?

Stenosis. The abnormal narrowing of a blood vessel leading to restricted blood flow, often caused by atherosclerosis or plaque buildup.

When blood is held back from an area?

Chabner, Language of Medicine 8th Edition, Ch 3 Suffixes

Question Answer
ischemia blood is held back from an area
necr/o death
acromegaly abnormal enlargement of extremities after puberty due to pituitary gland problem (think of MEG Ryan’s giant collagen enhanced lips)
pain in the ear otalgia (-algia = pain, ot/o = ear)

Which condition is abnormal hardening of an artery *?

Atherosclerosis, sometimes called “hardening of the arteries,” occurs when fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up in the walls of arteries. These deposits are called plaques. Over time, these plaques can narrow or completely block the arteries and cause problems throughout the body.

What’s the name of the procedure to open the coronary artery?

Stenting is most often performed on the coronary arteries. Angioplasty: During a catheterization of one of the arteries, a balloon is inflated inside the artery to help open it up. Corticosteroids: Anti-inflammatory medicines like prednisone or methylprednisolone (Solu-medrol) are used to treat vasculitis affecting the arteries.

How is arteriography used to diagnose vascular disease?

And arteriography is the invasive test used for evaluation of vascular disease. To observe blood flow into the arteries and observe blockages, the doctor can use the contracted material or tenant, and x-rays. It can also be performed in several different parts of the body as an angiogram.

What happens when one of the arteries in the heart bursts?

Myocardial infarction (heart attack): A sudden blood clot in one of the arteries supplying blood to the heart. Cerebrovascular accident ( stroke ): A sudden blood clot in one of the arteries supplying blood to the brain. Strokes may also occur when one of the arteries in the brain bursts, causing bleeding.

What can be done to increase blood flow through the arteries?

Thrombolytics: Powerful “clot-busting” drugs may be injected into the body to dissolve a blood clot causing a heart attack or stroke. Cilostazol ( Pletal) and pentoxifylline ( Trental ): Medicines that help increase blood flow through the arteries of the legs. In people with peripheral artery disease, these drugs can reduce the pain of walking.