What punctuation to put after include?

What punctuation to put after include?

What punctuation to put after include?

The newly appointed board members include Sam Jones, Polly Troxell, and Jim Henry. Notice that neither of these sentences requires a colon after INCLUDE. If you use the word “including,” it may help clarify to put a comma BEFORE it, but you still do not need a colon after it.

Do quotes go inside punctuation?

Commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks in American English; dashes, colons, and semicolons almost always go outside the quotation marks; question marks and exclamation marks sometimes go inside, sometimes stay outside.

What is an internal punctuation?

Internal punctuation marks are forms of punctuation that go inside a sentence. Examples are comma, colon, semi-colon, dash, parentheses, brackets, ellipses marks, single quotation marks, that go inside a sentence. They are the opposite of end punctuation. Examples: period, quotation mark, exclamation point.

What type of internal punctuation is used to indicate someone is speaking?

Quotation marks

Which of the following is an example of terminal punctuation?

This post outlines the functions of punctuation marks employed at the end of a sentence: the period, the exclamation point, the question mark, and ellipses. Periods are employed as terminal punctuation for statements other than questions or exclamations.

How do you punctuate a sentence that ends with a quoted question?

To sum up the rules on question marks:If the quoted words are a question, put the question mark inside the quotation marks.If the entire sentence is a question, put the question mark outside the quotation marks.