What word should I use instead of because?

What word should I use instead of because?

What word should I use instead of because?

Synonyms of because’cause,as,as long as,being (as or as how or that)[chiefly dialect],considering,for,inasmuch as,

Can you say another word?

Say Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for say?speakdeclarepronouncestateuttervoiceexclaimremarkannouncemention218

How do you say say in British?

Wells gives the result of a poll they conducted in 1998 among British English speakers concerning various words, with the result that “says” is pronounced /sɛz/ by 84% of respondents and /seɪz/ by 16% [the dictionary uses the transcription /e/ for the DRESS vowel, so they write “sez”, but I’m normalizing for …

How do the British pronounce mate?

MAH-teh. MAH like in malt, and -teh like in Gral.

How you say Google in Spanish?

If you are asking about the search engine, “What is ‘Google’?” = “¿Qué es ‘Google'”?” (“Google” is a proper noun).

How do the British say Jaguar?

But there is, indeed, a proper way to say it, according to representatives of the brand — and that’s the British way. How does that go? It turns “Jaguar” into a three-syllable word: “JAG-you-are,” the Brits say — but with the British accent, it sounds to most Americans like “JAG-you-uhh.”

How is Pantene pronounced?

As far I could remember, In UK its pronounced as Pantene(ten-10) whereas many TV commercials in Asia-Pacific speak of Pantene(teen)..

How do we pronounce Nike?

The correct way to pronounce “Nike” is so that it rhymes with “spiky”. So if you’ve been pronouncing it that way this whole time, congratulations – you’ve been right!