Who is at risk for developing pulmonary TB?

Who is at risk for developing pulmonary TB?

Who is at risk for developing pulmonary TB?

The risk factors for TB included age, male gender, low socioeconomic status, malnutrition, substance abuse, silicosis, human immunodeficiency virus infection, malignancy, diabetes, renal disease, celiac disease, gastrectomy, transplant, and receiving corticosteroids and tumor necrosis factor inhibitors [2–7].

What demographics are at risk for tuberculosis?

The percentage of TB cases that occur in Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, and Asian persons is higher than expected based on the percentage of these minorities in the U.S. population. In 2019, about 88% of the TB cases reported in the United States occurred among racial and ethnic minority groups.

What is the most likely cause of tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that spread from person to person through microscopic droplets released into the air. This can happen when someone with the untreated, active form of tuberculosis coughs, speaks, sneezes, spits, laughs or sings. Although tuberculosis is contagious, it’s not easy to catch.

What kind of people are more likely to get TB?

Persons who have immigrated from areas of the world with high rates of TB. Children less than 5 years of age who have a positive TB test. Groups with high rates of TB transmission, such as homeless persons, injection drug users, and persons with HIV infection.

Which country has the highest TB rate?

In 2019, the 30 high TB burden countries accounted for 87% of new TB cases. Eight countries account for two thirds of the total, with India leading the count, followed by Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa.

What countries have most TB deaths?

There is more about this on the TB high burden countries page. The country with the highest estimated number of deaths is India with an estimated 436,000 deaths in HIV negative adults and 9,500 in HIV positive adults.

What age group is most likely to get tuberculosis?

In the United States, more than 60% of TB cases occur in persons aged 25-64 years; however, the age-specific risk is highest in persons older than 65 years. TB is uncommon in children aged 5-15 years.

What age group is most likely to get TB?

What gender is most affected by tuberculosis?

TB prevalence is significantly higher among men than women in low- and middle-income countries, with strong evidence that men are disadvantaged in seeking and/or accessing TB care in many settings.