Can shaken baby syndrome cause retinal hemorrhage?

Can shaken baby syndrome cause retinal hemorrhage?

Can shaken baby syndrome cause retinal hemorrhage?

— Although retinal hemorrhages often accompany shaken baby syndrome (SBS), about 30% of patients have their hemorrhages undetected by non-ophthalmologists, according to the results of a retrospective, noncomparative case series that was recently published in Ophthalmology .

What causes retinal hemorrhage in infants?

Retinal hemorrhages in infancy are believed to be a cardinal sign of NAI. They may occur in up to 89% of infants with NAI. They may result from direct head trauma or the acceleration and deceleration forces generated by the shaking of the head.

Can a baby recover from shaken baby syndrome?

The prognosis for victims of shaken baby syndrome varies with the severity of injury but generally is poor. Many cases are fatal or lead to severe neurological deficits. Death is usually caused by uncontrollable increased intracranial pressure from cerebral edema, bleeding within the brain or tears in the brain tissue.

Can you see a retinal hemorrhage?

The dye flows into the blood vessels of your retina, so your healthcare provider can see it clearly. Ultrasound may be used to show the bleeding inside your eye. Ultrasound uses sound waves to show pictures on a monitor.

Can seizures cause retinal hemorrhages?

We conclude, therefore, that convulsions alone are unlikely to cause retinal haemorrhages in children under the age of 2 years. The finding of retinal haemorrhages in a child with a history of convulsion should trigger a meticulous search for other causes of these haemorrhages, particularly non-accidental injury.

What can cause retinal hemorrhage in infants?

What was the cause of the retinal hemorrhages?

A retinal hemorrhage can be caused by several medical conditions such as hypertension, retinal vein occlusion (a blockage of a retinal vein), anemia, leukemia or diabetes….Retinal haemorrhage.

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