How much sugar is in a chocolate bar donut?

How much sugar is in a chocolate bar donut?

How much sugar is in a chocolate bar donut?

Some foods contain a shocking amount of sugar. To visualize this, we compared the amount of sugar in foods that are not traditionally thought of as dessert items, like yogurt and apple sauce, to the amount of sugar in a chocolate glazed donut — about 13 grams.

What is an eclair donut?

An éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate icing. The dough, which is the same as that used for profiterole, is typically piped into an oblong shape with a pastry bag and baked until it is crisp and hollow inside.

How many calories a glazed donut has?

The average medium-size (64-gram) glazed doughnut contains ( 1 ): Calories: 269. Protein: 4 grams. Fat: 15 grams.

What’s the difference between an éclair and a donut?

An éclair is a long and thin individual cake made out of choux pastry. This fabulous dessert is topped with milk chocolate and filled with cream *queue drooling*. A donut is a fried dessert of sweet dough and is traditionally in the shape of a ring or ball.

Is a cruller a donut?

A cruller (/ˈkrʌlər/) is a deep-fried pastry like a doughnut popular in the US and Canada often made from a rectangle of dough with a cut made in the middle that allows it to be pulled over and through itself, producing twists in the sides of the pastry.

How many calories are in a fritter donut?

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1
Calories (cal) 500

How many carbs are in a baked chocolate donut?

Ingredient Specific Calorie Information From Our Recipes: Calories In Baked Chocolate Donut Calories: 51, Fat: 1g, Carbs: 12g, Protein: 2g, Fiber: 1g. Calories In Low carb chocolate donut Calories: 65, Fat: 2g, Carbs: 7g, Protein: 7g, Fiber: 4g. Calories In Gluten Free Chocolate Donut Calories: 292, Fat: 24g, Carbs: 16g, Protein: 9g, Fiber: 4g.

How many calories are in popular flavors of donuts?

Calories in specific flavors of donuts. 1 Plain/Cake Donut. Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Dunkin: 310 Calories Krispy Kreme: 290 Calories Estimated Calories: 300 Calories. 2 Sugar Donut. 3 Glazed Donut. 4 Glazed Chocolate Donut. 5 Frosted or Iced Donut.

How many calories are in a Krispy Kreme chocolate chip doughnut?

Krispy Kreme prepares a different variety of doughnut, and chocolate chip cookie doughnut is one among them. This doughnut contains sugar: 26gm, calories: 400gm, protein: 4 gm, saturated fat: 9gm, total carbohydrate: 50 gm, and total fat: 22 gm.

How many calories in a mini chocolate bar?

There are 75 calories in 1 miniature bar (.5 ounce) of Plain Milk Chocolate Candy.

How many calories are in a chocolate custard filled Donut?

Nutrition Facts Calories 300 (1255 kJ) (1255 kJ) Total Fat 15 g 23% Saturated Fat 7 g 35% Trans Fat 0 g

How many calories in a chocolate bar or cake?

Nutrition Facts Calories 220 (920 kJ) (920 kJ) Total Fat 10 g 15% Saturated Fat 4 g 20% Trans Fat 0 g