What is the highest prescription for contact lenses?

What is the highest prescription for contact lenses?

What is the highest prescription for contact lenses?

If not, what is the maximum number of diopters for which a person would be able to wear contacts? A: Actually, almost all nearsighted people can wear contact lenses, no matter how high their prescription. In fact, there are contact lens laboratories that make custom lenses up to -30.00 diopters!

Can I use my contact prescription for glasses?

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts? Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not the same. A contact lens must match the size and shape of your eye. Therefore, a prescription for contact lenses contains information like base curve and diameter, as well as brand.

Should contact lens prescription be the same as glasses?

The answer is no. While they both have the same objective — to correct what eye doctors call “refractive errors” that prevent you from seeing correctly — prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses are distinctly different.

At what prescription Are you legally blind?

Eye prescriptions are given depending on the severity of correction needed to restore normal vision. Normal vision is 20/20. The U.S. SSA uses the term “legally blind” in people whose vision is 20/200 with glasses or contacts, or whose visual field is 20 degrees or less than the normal eye.

Which prescription is stronger glasses or contacts?

Since eyeglasses are usually about 12 millimeters from the eye, the prescriptive power of a contact lens — which is positioned directly on the tear film of the eye — will be slightly less nearsighted. This becomes significantly different with prescriptions of 4D or greater.

Why is my contact lens prescription different from my glasses?

What are the differences between a contact lens prescription and glasses prescription? The optics of the lenses in spectacles and contacts are different. This is because glasses are perched on your nose, at a short distance from your eyes, whereas contact lenses sit on the surface of your eye.

What power are available in contact lenses?

Extended-range contact lenses are available in spherical powers up to -20.00D for short-sightedness and +15.00D for long-sightedness, as well as up to cylinder power -5.75D for astigmatism. However, it’s important to know that soft contact lenses with high powers have thicker edges compared to low-power ones.

What if PD is off by 0.5 mm?

If it’s a low power,your fine . If it’s a high power , you would want to tell the optician when you get your next pair of glasses. How off is the PD ? If it’s off by 5 MM on a high power, have the optician make you glasses 2 MM off, you should be fine .