What is the life expectancy of someone born in 1958?

What is the life expectancy of someone born in 1958?

What is the life expectancy of someone born in 1958?

Table V.A4.—Cohort Life Expectancy a

Calendar At birth b At age 65 c
1958 74.5 13.2
1959 74.7 13.2
1960 74.8 13.2

How many years does the average person collect Social Security?

So we can observe that for men, for example, almost 54% of the them could expect to live to age 65 if they survived to age 21, and men who attained age 65 could expect to collect Social Security benefits for almost 13 years (and the numbers are even higher for women).

Is it good to be a non-smoker?

Now that you have stopped smoking, your body will be feeling better and you will find it easier to breathe. As a non-smoker you don’t have to worry so much about heart disease, blood pressure and lung problems. People who give up smoking try many times before they finally give up.

What is the life expectancy of someone born in 1960?

In 1960, men could expect to live to age 66.6, on average, while women lived to age 73.1 (Figure 1). Between 1960 and 2015, male life expec- tancy increased to 77.0 years—a gain of about 10 years. Female life expectancy grew to 81.7 years— an increase of almost 9 years.

What are the odds of living to 100 in the US?

However, living to the age of 100 remains a remarkable and somewhat rare feat. Individuals aged 100 or older, referred to as centenarians, make up less than one percent of the U.S. population.

What’s the life expectancy of men who have never smoked?

Objective: To estimate the life expectancy in a representative sample of men who have never smoked and of those who have smoked all their adult lives. Design: 15 year follow up of a large representative cohort of British men in the British regional heart study and use of national mortality statistics for 1992.

How many men in the UK have never smoked?

A total of 3151 men who began smoking before they were 30 were still smoking at the time of screening for the British regional heart study; 751 of them reported that they had stopped smoking in the questionnaire sent to them five years after screening. A total of 1624 (21%) of the men had never smoked cigarettes, a pipe, or cigars.

What’s the difference between non smokers and smokers?

Only a few reports, however, have directly estimated the reduced survival prospects of smokers compared with non-smokers, 1 2 3 and none has done so for a representative sample of British men.

How old are men when they start smoking cigarettes?

At screening 5900 (76%) of the men had smoked cigarettes at some time. They had begun smoking at a median age of 16. Only 12.7% (749) started after the age of 20, and only 1.3% (77) after the age of 30.

What’s the difference in life expectancy between smokers and non smokers?

As mentioned above, the life expectancy of a smoker versus a nonsmoker can differ by about 10 years. The study showed that male smokers who make it to 70 years old still lose about four years off their life, with projections of 88, 86 and 84 for nonsmokers, former smokers, and current smokers, respectively.

What’s the chances of living a decade with no alcohol?

Others of the same age who did not smoke, exercised, ate fruit and had moderate or no alcohol consumption had a 67% chance of living a decade — the same figure for men 10 years younger with unhealthy lifestyles. Among women, 75-year-olds with healthy lifestyles had a 74% chance of being alive a decade later.

What’s the chance of a 65 year old man living a decade?

The chance of a man aged 65 living a decade ranged from 67% to 86%, depending on their habits, the research found. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.