Industrial CNC Router Application

Industrial CNC Router Application

Industrial CNC Router Application

CNC router is designed for full automatic 2D/3D machining of carving, engraving, marking, cutting, turning, drilling, milling, and grooving. With this, it offers an array of industrial manufacturing applications, which span different areas. The following are the specific details of the application of an industrial CNC router in industries.

Architectural Work

An Industrial CNC router combines tooling flexibility, machining performance, and large envelope size making them ideal for various architectural millwork applications. These applications demand solid, rigid, accurate systems. Ultimately, CNC router machines address these demands because they are engineered structures designed using the most advanced CAD/CAM and structural analysis.

Uses on Aluminous Materials

CNC routers have high-speed machining and finishing capability to handle and other non-ferrous metals. These machines adopt the most advanced CAD/CAM and structural analysis designs along with advanced next-generation CNC controls and advanced network intelligent servo drives, whose combination provides valuable features that have a significant impact on productivity.

Ultimately, CNC router machines address these demands because they are engineered structures designed using the most advanced CAD/CAM and structural analysis.

Furniture Making

A modern CNC panel furniture production line combines automatic loading and unloading, optimizing the materials for opening, punching, and slotting. All the processes are uninterrupted, and the efficiency is at a maximum. And it is very suitable for applying in panel furniture, custom cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, and other industries.

A CNC panel saw coupled with a machining center is the most common production arrangement for higher volume cabinet production. Nested based machining is more productive in lower volume shops but not for larger workspaces.

Residential and Commercial Constructions

CNC routers combine tooling flexibility, machining performance, and large envelope size, making them ideal for a wide variety of residential and commercial construction applications such as interior and exterior doors, windows, trim, railings and volutes, post and beam machining, etc. In fact, modern-day construction companies use these machines for nearly all construction jobs.

Marine and Boat Building

When it comes to marine and boat building, CNC routers are versatile to work on specific areas. Three-axis systems machine wood, acrylic, and nonferrous metal components produce quality finishing, working on the joints, and decorations. Large envelope five-axis systems up to sixty feet long produce original patterns and molds and are also used to trim major fiberglass and composite components.

Automotive Finishing and Furnishing

After the car door, car exhaust pipe, and other components are formed, some extra corners or burrs need to be processed. Firstly, the traditional processing method t cannot only reach accuracy but is low on efficiency. Therefore, the laser-cutting CNC router machine is very suitable for the automotive industry due to its high cutting precision, good quality, and high efficiency.

Advertising Industry

The advertising industry needs more customized CNC routers, especially for the processing of metal words. The traditional processing method is subjected to various processes such as bending and welding, which is inefficient. With the Blue Elephant laser-cutting machine, any machining on the metal can be achieved by simply entering the graphic into the system.

Making Dimensional Patterns

Three-dimensional (3D) Pattern and Mold Making offer three and five-axis systems ideal for pattern and mold making applications. Shallow three-dimensional patterns and molds without undercuts can be easily machined on three-axis systems. Deeper, larger, and undercut patterns require a full five-axis.