WHAT DOES year-around mean?

WHAT DOES year-around mean?

WHAT DOES year-around mean?

1. year-around – operating or continuing throughout the year; “a year-round resort”; “a year-round job” year-round.

Does year round need hyphen?

Senior Member. “Year-round,” as an adjective in the sense of a compound adjective made up of a noun and adjective, where the adjective carries basic meaning (“existing throughout”). Such compound adjectives are typically hyphenated (color-blind, paper-thin, ice-cold).

How do you use year round in a sentence?

Year-round sentence example

  1. Its cool year-round creek and rolling hills dotted with wild flowers filled her dreams at night – beckoned.
  2. The roadway was gravel, but well maintained on a year-round basis.
  3. That’s why he wears the trench coat all year round .

Does year round mean all year?

: throughout the entire year The bush stays green all year round.

Whats another word for year round?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for year-round, like: year-around, seasonal, live-aboards, minidishes, shivered, , out of season and all-year-round.

What does all year long mean?

: lasting through a year.

Is year-round school better for students?

Students will do more than just learn better in a year-round school. Teachers and students experience a closer relationship in year-round schools than they do in traditional, shorter-calendar-year schools. In the absence of any long-term break from school, students do not feel detached from the school environment.

What does suitable for year round use mean?

adjective. open, in use, operating, etc, throughout the year.

What do you call someone who thinks a lot?

Overthinker.. A person who thinks too much about anything unnecessarily. This is a noun. Overthink.. To think a lot. (

What word means all year round?

Is year long a word?

Year-long is used to describe something that lasts for a year.

How do you describe a long time?

Long-time Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for long-time?

many years ages
donkey’s years long time
very long time years
years on end yonks
forever eternity

What is the meaning of all day long?

all day long or all day: during the entire day, the whole day, for the duration of the day. idiom. All day long, he sits here and watches TV. He doesn’t even go to the toilet!

Is year round school a bad idea?

Year-round schools are a bad idea. Year-round schools restrict summer family vacations. They also don’t allow students to go away to camp or take on summer jobs to earn money for the future. Too many breaks disrupt learning.

What are the disadvantages of year round school?

Disadvantages of School Year Round

  • Decreases Family Time.
  • High Costs.
  • Doesn’t Solve Socioeconomic Discrepancies.
  • Creates Child Care Challenges.
  • Decreases Summer Labor Force.
  • Interferes With Extracurricular Activities.
  • School Break Slide.
  • Weighing the Options.

    What do you call something that happens all year round?

    phrase. If something happens all year round, it happens throughout the year. Many of these plants are evergreen, so you can enjoy them all year round.

    What is someone who thinks they are better than others?

    adjective. someone who is arrogant thinks they are better or more important than other people and behaves in a way that is rude and too confident.

    What do you call someone who freaks out a lot?

    neurotic. noun. someone who is neurotic. People who complain a lot or are difficult to please. People who are old-fashioned or do not like change.

    What is all year?

    : lasting, available, or suitable throughout the year : the whole year round a healthful all-year climate an all-year resort community.

    What’s another word for year?

    What is another word for year?

    date time
    eonUS chronology
    millennium cycle
    years course
    season phase

    Definitions of year-around. adjective. operating or continuing throughout the year.

    Is there a hyphen in year round?

    Is all year round grammatically correct?

    all year round Fig. throughout all the seasons of the year; during the entire year. The public swimming pool is enclosed so that it can be used all year round. In the South they can grow flowers all year round.

    Which is the best definition of year around?

    Adj. 1. year-around – operating or continuing throughout the year; “a year-round resort”; “a year-round job”

    Are there any synonyms for the word year round?

    Year-round synonyms – 110 Words and Phrases for Year-round Another way to say Year-round? Synonyms for Year-round (other words and phrases for Year-round). Log in Synonymsfor Year-round

    Are there any cities that are year round?

    Florence and other Tuscan cities are year-round destinations that are easy to reach. Probably island hopping, ancient monuments and year-round sunshine. Dozens of people work year-round to ensure that one thing happens: you are strengthened. It has beautiful, wild gardens open year-round.

    What makes you want to look up year round?

    : active, present, or done throughout the entire year Bowling is a year-round sport. What made you want to look up year-round? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Love words? Need even more definitions? Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

    What does year round mean?

    Definition of year-round. : occurring, effective, employed, staying, or operating for the full year : not seasonal a year-round resort.

    Should there be school year round?

    Public school should not be year round. First of all, students may not agree to go. Also, public school takes too much time. Finally, public school may be too expensive. It is best that students should not have to go to public school year round.

    Should there be year round school?

    Some of the most common reasons in favor of year-round schooling are as follows: Students tend to forget a lot during the summer, and shorter vacations might increase retention rates. School buildings unused in the summer are wasted resources.

    What is the definition of year round?

    Definition of year-round : occurring, effective, employed, staying, or operating for the full year : not seasonal a year-round resort : active, present, or done throughout the year : active, present, or done throughout the entire year Bowling is a year-round sport.