Can a person with epilepsy eat greasy food?

Can a person with epilepsy eat greasy food?

Can a person with epilepsy eat greasy food?

My neurologist says that there are no food restrictions with epilepsy, but I just feel weird when I eat a lot or eat greasy meals. Has this happened to anyone? Please let me know. BTW – I think this website is awesome. Having lived through many grand mals in my life and still be here telling my story has made me count my blessings.

Is there a diet for people with epilepsy?

There are no specific foods that generally trigger seizures, as epilepsy is very individual. How does diet affect epilepsy? Although there is little evidence that a balanced diet has a direct effect on seizures, it provides essential nutrients and keeps our energy levels steady.

How is the ketogenic diet used to treat epilepsy?

What Is the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy? The ketogenic diet is an extremely high-fat diet that requires a child to eat four times as many fat calories as calories from protein or carbohydrates. A meal might include a small portion of chicken, a little bit of fruit, and a lot of fat, typically butter or cream.

Is there a link between food and seizures?

We have talked to many people with epilepsy and people who have relatives that suffer from seizures, and many have never heard of a relationship between food and seizures. If you or anyone you know suffers from seizures, I recommend asking your doctor about it.

When is epilepsy relevant to a job decision?

Since the term “epilepsy” refers to a broad range of symptoms and underlying causes, the Epilepsy Foundation advocates individualized determinations when epilepsy appears to be relevant to job hiring and placement decisions.

How often do people go seizure free with epilepsy?

A second seizure medication may help 11 to 20 out of every 100 people become seizure free. Adding more drugs usually doesn’t help the chance of seizure control. 25 out of every 100 adults will develop uncontrolled epilepsy.

How can I get a job with epilepsy?

Contact the EEOC at (800) 669-4000 (voice) or (800) 669-6820 (TDD), or visit the agency’s website. Read the EEOC’s Questions and Answers about Epilepsy in the Workplace and the ADA. Review any job-related risks that apply to you. Can something be changed to improve safety?

Can a person with epilepsy go on a diet?

When fasting, the body creates ketones, a by-product of fat-burning metabolism. Although fasting or a fat-rich diet has been used to try to control epilepsy and seizures, it is not a common way to treat patients.