What does unremarkable mean in medical term?

What does unremarkable mean in medical term?

What does unremarkable mean in medical term?

Unremarkable: Just what you think it means. Boring! Normal. Negative: Usually referring to a medical test. Generally means that the test did not find anything abnormal.

What is unremarkable thoracic spine?

If the report says “ unremarkable lumbar spine “ it means there are no visible damage or injuries in the lumbar spine. It means there is no major deviation from what is considered normal. Nothing really stands out. There still may be some minor likely insignificant…

What does essentially unremarkable mean?

: unworthy or unlikely to be noticed : not remarkable : common, ordinary The village itself is unremarkable; its one great attribute being the nearby network of extensive caverns.—

Is thoracic Dextroscoliosis curable?

Dextroscoliosis can cause pain, discomfort, and reduced mobility. However, mild to moderate cases of scoliosis only require medical monitoring, and people may be able to reduce their symptoms by exercise or wearing a brace. In cases involving young children, scoliosis symptoms often resolve on their own over time.

What is the thoracic spine?

The thoracic spine is located in the upper and middle part of the back. Twelve vertebrae are located in the thoracic spine and are numbered T-1 to T-12. Each number corresponds with the nerves in that section of the spinal cord: T-1 through T-5 nerves affect muscles, upper chest, mid-back and abdominal muscles.

What does unremarkable echocardiogram mean?

So he provided a translation: An echocardiogram is a moving image of the heart, and “unremarkable” meant that it looked the way it’s supposed to. The “ejection fraction” referred to the amount of blood the heart puts out with each beat.

What does it mean when your lab results are abnormal?

Positive or abnormal, which means the disease or substance was found. Inconclusive or uncertain, which means there wasn’t enough information in the results to diagnose or rule out a disease. If you get an inconclusive result, you will probably get more tests.

What does Decennary mean?

ten years
pertaining to a period of ten years; decennial.

How is thoracic Dextroscoliosis treated?

Curvatures over 35 degrees are considered severe and almost always require treatment. A doctor may recommend either a back brace or surgery. For moderate to severe curves, a back brace can be made to fit an individual’s spine.

Which shoulder is higher in Dextroscoliosis?

When a body and spine is aligned (straight), the shoulders will sit level with one another and are front-facing. When there is a structural issue that causes uneven shoulders, such as scoliosis, one shoulder can sit higher than the other and/or one shoulder blade can protrude more on one side than the other.