What is term tissue class 9?

What is term tissue class 9?

What is term tissue class 9?

Tissue is a feature of multicellular organisms. Complete Answer: A group of cells having similar shape and function act together to perform a specific function is known as a tissue. All the body parts are made up of tissues including the organs. Groups of tissues make organs.

What is a tissue class 11?

Tissue is a group of cells or you can say it is a cellular organisational level between cells and a complete organ which are organised to perform various functions. > Epithelial tissue: It is formed by cells which cover the surfaces of organs like the surface of skin, the inner lining of the digestive tract etc.

What is a tissue in short answer?

Question 1: Define the term “tissue”. Answer: A group of cells which is meant to perform a specific function is called tissue. Answer: Simple tissues are composed of similar cells, while complex tissues are composed of different types of cells.

What is the importance of tissue class 9?

Tissues are important because of the following reasons: (i) They divide the work labour in multicellular organisms. (ii) They get organised to form different organs and organ systems. (iii) They provide a higher efficiency to multicellular organisms by improving their organisation.

What is tissue and its function?

In simple terms, tissue can be defined as a group of cells with similar shape and function are termed as tissues. They form a cellular organizational level, intermediate between the cells and organ system. Organs are then created by combining the functional groups of tissues.

What is tissue and its importance?

1)It protects the organs from injury or shocks. 2)It also connects many body parts such as ligament connects bones to another bones. 3)It also provides nutrition to our body such as blood also transport nutrients to many parts of the body. 4)It fights against many infectious pathogens.

Why do we need tissue?

Tissue is a group of cells or fluid that work together to perform a specific job in the body like cells in an organ like the kidney or heart or blood cells that carry oxygen to and waste materials from the cells in the body.

What is tissue and its types?

A tissue is a group of cells, in close proximity, organized to perform one or more specific functions. There are four basic tissue types defined by their morphology and function: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue.

What is the main function of muscle tissues?

The muscular system’s main function is to allow movement. When muscles contract, they contribute to gross and fine movement. Gross movement refers to large, coordinated motions and includes: walking.