What is the recovery time for plica surgery?

What is the recovery time for plica surgery?

What is the recovery time for plica surgery?

After surgery, we normally advise patients to take things easy and just potter around for the first week or so before then starting regular physio rehab treatments (a couple of times a week for the first few weeks). Most patients recover fully within about 6 weeks at most.

What is plica surgery?

Plica resection is an arthroscopic knee surgery that involves removing abnormal synovial tissue. Plica are natural folds in the knee joint synovium that can often times become painful and inflamed.

How do you remove plica from your knee?

Knee plica problems usually get better without surgery. You’ll need to rest your knee for a while and put ice on it. Your doctor may suggest anti-inflammatory pain medicine, like ibuprofen or naproxen, and stretching your leg muscles, especially your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Can plica grow back after surgery?

Of note the plica may grow back after excision but is usually not symptomatic any longer. A plica is an embryonic remnant commonly present in the population. Normally it consists of a thin, vascular, pliable band of tissue that originates from the synovial wall and crosses the synovial joint.

Do you need a brace after plica surgery?

If this was done, you may not need pain medicine until you go home. Your knee will be bandaged and wrapped, usually with an Ace-type bandage wrapped over layers of gauze and cotton, and your knee will be elevated. Ice may be used to reduce swelling, and a brace may be used to keep the knee stabilized.

Does plica require surgery?

Most people with plica syndrome get better without surgery. The primary treatment goal is to reduce inflammation. This may require limiting activities like running, biking, or using the stair-climbing machine. Most people with plica syndrome get better without surgery.

Does a knee brace help plica syndrome?

One of the most successful new braces for plica syndrome and Hoffa’s superior fat pad impingement is the new DonJoy Reaction WEB knee brace (Figure 2). This works by loading the soft tissues around the patella to equalise the support for the patella from the surrounding soft tissues.

Do cortisone shots help plica?

A cortisone injection into the area of the plica, or simply into the knee joint may quickly help to reduce the inflammation around the plica. Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication, but it should be used sparingly inside of joints.

How do you get rid of plica syndrome?

Most cases of plica syndrome respond well to physical therapy or a home exercise program. These usually involve stretching your hamstrings and strengthening your quadriceps. Most people start to feel relief within six to eight weeks of starting a physical therapy or exercise program.