D2 Steel

D2 Steel

D2 Steel


D2 die steel is a cold work mold steel that has high wearing resistance and little deformation. Its carbon content is high, almost 1.5%. And its chromium is 11.5%. After good heat treatment, its hardness can up to 60HRC. It can be used to manufacture the products with complex shapes, high wearing resistance and impact toughness. So D2 steel is a great choice for manufacturing trimming die, silicon steel sheet die and more.

D2 Tool Steel Chemical Composition

  • C : 1.40% – 1.60%
  • Mn: 0.10% – 0.60%
  • P: ≤0.030%
  • S: ≤0.030%
  • Si: 0.10-0.60%
  • Cr: 11.00% – 13.00%
  • V: 0.50% – 1.10%
  • Mo: 0.70% – 1.20%

D2 Material Heat Treatment

Stress Relieving

After Rough machining the workpiece, heat it up to 600-650℃, maintain the temperature for 2 hours, then furnace cooling to let the temperature down to 500℃, take it out to air cooling.


Make the temperature of workpiece slowly up to 600℃, keep the temperature for 20 min to do the first preheat. If the temperature is balanced, up the temperature to 850℃, then stay it for 30 min to do the second preheat. Finally, heat it up to 1020℃ – 1040℃, keep the temperature for 25-40 min then make it out of the furnace to air cooling.


It must temper instantly after the quenching, and do it at least 2 times, every time for maintaining the temperature can not lower than 2 hours. The most important thing is that we need to temper quickly after the quenching. Because it can make the workpieces get out of craze and decarburization on the surface. If it was used to make gauge or high precision die, then we must make it to subzero treatment(-70℃), tempering it with high temperature. Those small heat treatment way can reduce the deformation of the workpiece. And high-temperature tempering is 500℃ – 560℃, the hardness is bigger than 58HRC.

In the type of alloy steel, D2 tool steel and 4140 steel bar play an important role. Its characteristics are uniform structure, great hardenability. And high hardness, strength, wearing resistance, toughness and small deformation and more. By the way, machinability also is good.