What artery is palpated at the front of the ear?

What artery is palpated at the front of the ear?

What artery is palpated at the front of the ear?

Temporal pulse – The temporal pulse (i.e., superficial temporal artery) is palpated on the temple directly in front of the ear with the index finger.

Which arteries can be palpated?

Palpation occurs at various locations of the upper and lower extremities including the radial, brachial, femoral, popliteal, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis arteries and most commonly evaluates the rate, rhythm, intensity, and symmetry.

Which artery is palpated at the side of neck?

Taking your carotid pulse Your carotid pulse can be taken on either side of your neck. Put the tip of your index and long finger in the groove of your neck along your windpipe to feel the pulse in your carotid artery.

When would you use the temporal pulse?

located at the temple area of the HEAD. It is rarely used to obtain a pulse rate but may be used to monitor circulation, control bleeding from the head and scalp, and to take a temporal artery temperature.

Can you feel temporal artery pulse?

The pulse you feel in your temples is normal and comes from your superficial temporal artery which is a branch of your external carotid artery.

What is the most common site to take a pulse?


  • Carotid Pulse.
  • A common location for taking the pulse is the neck. There are two large arteries near the front of the throat which supply the head with blood.
  • One artery is located in a groove on the right side of the larynx and the other artery is located in a groove on the left side of the larynx.

    What is the common site to take the pulse?

    The pulse is readily distinguished at the following locations: (1) at the point in the wrist where the radial artery approaches the surface; (2) at the side of the lower jaw where the external maxillary (facial) artery crosses it; (3) at the temple above and to the outer side of the eye, where the temporal artery is …