What is Polygynax drug for?

What is Polygynax drug for?

What is Polygynax drug for?

What it is used for? This medicine is indicated for the local treatment of vaginal infections (vaginitis) sensitive to active substances contained in this medicine (neomycin, polymyxin B and nystatin).

Is Polygynax an antibiotic?

Background: Polygynax is a product commercialized in the form of vaginal capsule, associating bactericidal antibiotics: Neomycin, Polymyxin B and Nystatin–an antifungal agent which is fungicidal and fungistatic in vitro and in vivo.

How do you apply Polygynax to vagina?

Place one capsule deep in the vagina for 12 days. It is preferable and easier to insert the capsule while lying down on your back with the knees apart.

What does Gyno Mycolex do?

This medication is used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Butoconazole reduces vaginal burning, itching, and discharge that may occur with this condition. This medication is an azole antifungal. It works by stopping the growth of yeast (fungus) that causes the infection.

Can yeast infections cause infertility?

Candidiasis is a condition in which there is an imbalance between the bacteria and yeast cells present in the vagina. This is a very common type of infection, and unfortunately, if untreated it could lead to infertility.

How do you take fluconazole 150 mg tablet?

You can take fluconazole capsules and liquid with or without food. Fluconazole capsules are either 50mg, 150mg or 200mg. Swallow the capsules whole with a drink of water. It is best to take your capsules at the same time each day.

How do I know when a yeast infection is gone?

How Do You Know When a Yeast Infection Is Gone?

  1. First, you will notice that vaginal discharge has returned to a normal consistency and smell.
  2. Second, you will notice that itching has gone away, alleviating much of the discomfort associated with the infection.

Why does my Virgina feel warm?

Vaginal discharge and warmth to the touch are signs of a possible vaginal infection including yeast infection or other causes of vaginitis. In some cases, vaginal dryness may precede or follow episodes of vaginal discharge.

What pills are good for smelly discharge?

Treatments and Medication Options for Vaginal Odor

  • Clindamycin (Cleocin)
  • Metronidazole (Flagyl)
  • Tinidazole (Tindamax)

Can a man get a yeast infection from a woman?

Transmission during sex However, one study found no evidence supporting the transmission of the infection from woman to woman through sex. While yeast infections in men are rare, it is possible for a man to get an infection by having sex with a person who has a vaginal yeast infection.

Can sperm cause yeast infection?

Vaginal Sex But sometimes sexual activity can lead to vaginitis. Your partner’s natural genital chemistry can change the balance of yeast and bacteria in your vagina. In rare cases, you can have an allergic reaction to your partner’s semen.

Can yeast infection affect sperm?

Yeast Infections and Male Fertility In the case of a yeast infection, it may also contain the fungi responsible for the infection. This fungus may interfere with the functioning of the sperm and cause infertility. It can also cause ulcers, prostatitis, balanoposthitis, urethritis, orchitis and pseudotumors.

Is one fluconazole pill enough?

One single oral dose is usually sufficient to treat vaginal candidiasis. Can be given as a single daily dose. The absorption of fluconazole is not affected by food.

How many fluconazole 150 mg can I take?

Adults—150 milligrams (mg) once a day. Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor.

Why do I keep getting yeast infections from my boyfriend?

Intercourse introduces bacteria from your partner’s finger or penis into your vagina’s ecosystem of bacteria and Candida. Sex toys can also transmit it. This disruption may be enough to trigger a vaginal yeast infection.

Can you touch yourself with a yeast infection Male?

Infrequently, the yeast infection can be transferred between men and women during sex. However, since most yeast infections are not transferred from person to person, a yeast infection in the vagina, or penis/foreskin is not considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

What STD is called burning?

Which STDs cause vaginal burning? Herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2), known as genital herpes, is the most common STD associated with vaginal burning.