How is yet used in a sentence?

How is yet used in a sentence?

How is yet used in a sentence?

Put “yet” at the end of a sentence to describe something that hasn’t happened. It is often used in negative statements in which you use a negative term like “have not” or “has not.” For example, you may say, “I haven’t completed my homework yet,” or, “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

How do you use conjunctions yet?

as a conjunction (connecting two words, phrases, or clauses): The weather was cold, yet bright and sunny. Her advice seems strange, yet I believe she’s right. I’m amazed that you haven’t told him anything yet. She hasn’t yet decided if she wants to come or not.

Can I use yet as but?

But and yet are two words that have many functions. Yet can function as an adverb and a conjunction whereas but can function as a conjunction, preposition, and an adverb. Although but and yet can be used interchangeably as conjunctions, they cannot be used interchangeably in other contexts.

What is yet an example of?

Yet is defined as nevertheless or but. An example of yet is although a hiker has back pain they continue their hike up Mount Everest. Yet means at this time, up to now or at a future time. An example of yet is someone not getting to take a walk before dark, such as “It is dark but he has not taken his walk yet.”

Should I use yet or but?

“Yet” sounds more formal than “but,” so we tend to use it in a more formal situation. In most everyday situations, we use “but” to connect our ideas. It would sound too formal, too polite, to use “yet” in most everyday conversations.

Does yet mean but?

Yet as a conjunction means ‘but’ or ‘nevertheless’. We use it to show contrast. It often occurs after and: So many questions and yet so few answers.

Does yet mean no?

You use yet in negative statements to indicate that something has not happened up to the present time, although it probably will happen. If you say that something should not or cannot be done yet, you mean that it should not or cannot be done now, although it will have to be done at a later time. Don’t get up yet.

What do you mean by yet?

2a(1) : up to now : so far hasn’t done much yet —often used to imply the negative of a following infinitive have yet to win a game. (2) : at this or that time : so soon as now not time to go yet. b : continuously up to the present or a specified time : still is yet a new country.

Can a sentence start with yet?

As yet is classed as a coordinating conjunction, many would still say that it should never be at the start of a sentence. It is supposed to be joining and creating a relationship between two clauses. Putting conjunctions such as yet at the start of a sentence is acceptable, as long as you use it correctly.

Can I say not yet?

Not yet: We use this expression to say or mention that we have not finished an action yet. ”Have you finished reading your book?” ”Not yet (You are still reading it). When you want to ask somebody if they have finished doing something you use yet at the end ”Have you finished reading your book yet?”

Are you yet meaning?

yet means up until the present or a specified or implied time. Are you there yet? (expecting someone to be there when they might not have arrived yet) Are you there already? (expecting someone to be on the way to a destination when they might have already arrived.)