What is a BMI of 61?

What is a BMI of 61?

What is a BMI of 61?

Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart

Body Mass Index Chart
Height (Inches) Weight in Pounds
5’1″(61) 85 112
5’2″(62) 88 115
5’3″(63) 91 119

Is body mass index BMI considered a measure of body composition?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of a person’s weight with respect to his or her height. It is more of an indicator than a direct measurement of a person’s total body fat. BMI, more often than not, correlates with total body fat….BMI calculation.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Weight Status
30.0 plus Obese

What BMI is a measure for body composition?

Body mass index (BMI) is the ratio of weight to height, calculated as weight (kg)/height (m2), or weight (lb)/height (in2) multiplied by 703. Hundreds of studies show that a high BMI predicts higher risk of chronic disease and early death.

What value for BMI is considered healthy a body composition?

If your BMI is less than 18.5, it falls within the underweight range. If your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9, it falls within the normal or Healthy Weight range. If your BMI is 25.0 to 29.9, it falls within the overweight range. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, it falls within the obese range.

How do you calculate a person’s BMI?

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight. The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared. A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9.

What are the 4 types of body composition?

These are ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Ectomorphs are naturally lean and long, and tend to find it trickier to bulk up, but also don’t get fat quickly if they lay off the training. Endomorphs are the opposite, with higher levels of body fat, a natural pear shape and the ability to add muscle relatively easily.