What stage is moderate degenerative disc disease?

What stage is moderate degenerative disc disease?

What stage is moderate degenerative disc disease?

Stage 2: In this stage, you may witness increased postural changes as the degeneration is greater. It has been projected that by age 40, about 78% of men and women exhibit moderate disc degeneration. During this phase, a person is much more likely to feel intermittent aches and pains as well as tiredness.

What nerves are affected by c4 C5 C6 and C7?

C5, as mentioned earlier, along with C3 and C4, contributes to the phrenic nerve that innervates the diaphragm. Roots C5, C6, and C7 produce the long thoracic nerve, responsible for controlling the serratus anterior.

How is moderate degenerative disc disease treated?

Treatment may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or both, special exercises, medications, losing weight, and surgery. Medical options include injecting the joints next to the damaged disc with steroids and a local anesthetic. These are called facet joint injections. They can provide effective pain relief.

What is c4 C5 degenerative disc?

A c4-c5 herniated or bulging disc can also occur from deterioration that occurs in the disc over time. The discs may deteriorate from wear and tear or because of degenerative disc disease causing a weak outer layer of the disc, or annulus fibrosis, which can cause a c4-c5 bulging disc over time.

How long does it take for degenerative disc disease to progress?

The degenerative process of the spinal disc may start gradually or suddenly, but progresses over 2 to 3 decades from severe and at times even disabling bouts of pain to a state in which the spine is restabilized and the pain is diminished.

How do I get rid of a pinched nerve in my neck?

If you have mild symptoms, you might find relief from:

  1. rest.
  2. soft cervical collar.
  3. hot or cold compress.
  4. practicing good posture.
  5. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  6. acupuncture.
  7. massage.
  8. yoga.

What is the fastest way to heal a pinched nerve in your neck?