What to say instead of can you repeat?

What to say instead of can you repeat?

What to say instead of can you repeat?

Different Ways to Ask Someone to Repeat Something

  • Would you mind repeating that?
  • Excuse me?
  • Pardon (me)?
  • Sorry?
  • Come again?
  • I beg your pardon?
  • Could you repeat that, please?
  • Could you say that again, please?

How do you say please repeat politely?

Phrases to politely ask for repeating what other people said.

  1. Could you say that again?
  2. Can you say that again?
  3. Could you please repeat what you just said for me?
  4. I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand you.
  5. Could you repeat that word, please?
  6. I’m sorry to interrupt, but I don’t understand that word?

Is it grammatically correct to say repeat again?

It is absolutely correct to use “repeat again”, as it is being used to ask for a repetition for something being already repeated.

Could you please repeat or can you please repeat?

‘ Could you please repeat it ‘ is correct. Repeat and say again sense the same. So ‘ again’ stands meaningless. The better phrasing would be “Would you please repeat that again?” Could means having the physical ability to do something; would is asking someone to do something.

Is Say again polite?

Phrase. (idiomatic, colloquial) “What did you say?” or “Repeat what you have said.” A polite formula used when one has not heard or understood what has been said. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Please say again?

Is it polite to say Come again?

My Irish colleague told me that when talking to a customer over the phone asking:”come again?” is considered rude and even offensive since it is very informal and almost demanding.

How do you ask for repetition?

Speaking Situations: Asking for Repetition

  1. Excuse me? ( said like a question)
  2. Pardon me? ( rising intonation)
  3. What did you say (your name was)?
  4. Did you say . . . ?
  5. Can you repeat that?
  6. Could you say that again please?
  7. What was that again?
  8. Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Could you please repeat yourself meaning?

: to say again what one has already said.

Is Say again rude?

I hear, and I sometimes say “Say again” to ask for a repetition. I consider it informal, but not rude. In fact it seems slightly less rude than “What?” and “Huh?” Both that and “Say that again” can be said, with a rising (questioning) intonation, to mean “I didn’t hear you; please repeat.”

Is if you say so rude?

So – what are the most OFFENSIVE phrases in the English language? Another offensive phrase: “If you say so.” This phrase is sarcasm in the form of insincere agreement. “If you say so” doesn’t mean that what’s being said is true – only that it’s being said.

Is it revert to say back redundant?

Though rare in modern use, some international English speakers do use “revert back” for “reply” in writing and e-mail, but most of the time, using revert with “back” is redundant, or repetitive.

What it means to repeat yourself?