Guide to Choosing and Wearing Men’s Business Shirts

Guide to Choosing and Wearing Men’s Business Shirts

Guide to Choosing and Wearing Men’s Business Shirts

Most men will want to look their best, especially when wearing men’s business shirts for an important client meeting. However, not everybody can look as sharp as Don Draper from the series “Mad Men” especially if they do not know how to choose the right dress shirt. Business shirts must fit properly on your body to make you look sharp. Here is a short guide on how to choose and wear a business shirt properly.

Prioritize the Fit on Your Shoulders

The first thing to look for in a dress shirt is how it will sit on your shoulders. The hemline of the shirt’s shoulders should rest directly on top of your shoulder joint. If the hemline falls below your shoulder joint towards your arm, then the shirt is too large for you. Likewise, the shirt should not produce a divot when you move your shoulders and arms.

Check the Fit on Your Torso

After checking the fit on your shoulders, it is best to determine the fit on your torso. Off-the-rack men’s business shirts will usually come in three standard fits, namely:

  • Slim. This standard fit is suitable for athletic men with a slim and non-muscular torso. When choosing a slim fit dress shirt, do not opt for a tight fit. It is best to choose a shirt with at least 12 cm of breathing room around your chest, waist, and hip. This allowance is enough to give your torso breathing room. It is important to note that slim fit dress shirts are designed for men that do not have a large gut. So, men who have beer belly are advised not to choose slim fit shirts.
  • Normal. Normal fit is suitable for men who are muscular or buffed. When choosing a business shirt with a normal fit, it is best to get your chest, gut, waist, and hip measurements without a shirt on. Add 16 cm to each of these measurements then choose the shirt with the right numbers.
  • Loose Fit. Men who have a fuller torso should choose dress shirts with an allowance of at least 20 cm breathing room from the chest, gut, waist, and hip dimensions. This measurement will allow men to be comfortable and yet look sharp.

The fit of the Collar

Dress shirts will also show the size of their collar. When you know your neck measurement, add half an inch to that measurement to determine the shirt’s right collar size if you are purchasing online. If you are trying on different dress shirts, the collar should allow two of your fingers to slide in between the collar and your neck when the collar is buttoned up.

Choose Fabric

The fabric of your business shirt should depend on where you are most likely to wear a shirt. For example, if you are working mostly in an airconditioned office, you may choose a dress shirt made from cotton, a great fabric for heat conduction and moisture control.

Wear Body-Hugging Undershirts

It is important to protect your men’s business shirts from external and internal factors. External stains come from a spilled drink, a leaking pen, or other liquids coming from your immediate surroundings. On the other hand, stains may also come from your body through your sweat. Body-hugging undershirts will protect your dress shirts from getting underarm sweat stains.

Knowing how to choose and wear your men’s business shirts will make you the sharpest bloke in your workplace.

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Falling between a shirt and a T-shirt, a polo is another strong other option, particularly if it’s long-sleeved and in a more exceptional texture, for example, merino fleece. This can likewise be worn under a coat as an option in contrast to a conventional catch down.

At that point there’s the most easygoing of brilliant easygoing alternatives – a T-shirt. Finding the correct kind to wear with a jacket can be interesting: reasonable quality, neither too thick nor excessively sheer and with a neck area that is more undershirt than Geordie Shore. If all else fails, stock up on Uniqlo’s amazing, yet moderate, Supima cotton renditions.

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