Procurement Market Intelligence – Why is it Important?

Procurement Market Intelligence – Why is it Important?

Procurement Market Intelligence – Why is it Important?

Market intelligence is the process of understanding and obtaining information related to a business’s supply market. It aids in the identification and research of customer demands, different markets, their target audience, and other analysis on supply-demand related topics.

Understanding how it works

Before you analyze and discuss the potential benefits of procurement market intelligence, you must understand how this technique processes. Procurement market intelligence is based on conducting manual market research by looking up online about a product’s demand or its reviews. The data collected then assist suppliers and creators in achieving what kind of product will do the best when released into the market.

Market research

As this is primarily the core object of procurement market intelligence, it is essential to understand this step and how precisely to conduct this. There are several ways to collect data from market research. But it all depends on the kind of product or service you are willing to create.

For example, if a company wants to create a new perfume in the market for customers to purchase, they will most likely first observe how their competitors’ fragrances are doing in the market. Comparing prices, sizes, and other aspects of the product all go into market research. They can also look for a similar product closest to their own, examine its design, what it contains, and how popular it seems to be for consumers.

Supply markets

If any business is considering procurement market intelligence, it is significant to gather and analyze data regarding the supply markets you will be buying from. A business should know any trends and growth in the market as this leads to making better decisions.

For example, about where and whom your company should be buying from and if their quality is good to what you want to make. All of this contributes to making your brand name and product be successful and stay relevant for a long time.

Doing this research can also help you know which suppliers are not doing well enough and why it is that way. This allows you to learn the market better and become wiser in your industry to stay on top of your game. Market intelligence is the best option if you desire a profitable and running business.

Gathering competitive intelligence

This is another essential factor in the procurement of market intelligence. Gathering important data about your competitors’ products, sales, and market value helps you know how your business can comparatively do better in all of these things.

This includes observing the competitor’s advertising strategies, market strategies, prices, sales, and services compared to your own. It helps you achieve a competitive edge and enables you to better fit in the market. It will also help you offer unique services to your clients.

Why is it important

As this article discusses above how procurement market intelligence works, it also explained its significance. The factors are taken to carry out this process lead to a more efficient way of work for your business.

Taking the below steps to do your market research accurately helps you achieve several things:

  • Helps your business stay relevant
  • Better suppliers to choose from
  • Known market to sell in
  • Improvement in customer relationships
  • More feedback
  • More sales
  • Identify threats before they can happen
  • Increase in chances of survival for specific products or services
  • Understanding competition
  • More opportunities to take
  • Forecasting revenue
  • Cost-effective as lesser chances of failure
  • Accurate and efficient planning and management

These are only to name a few. It helps you and your team to stay focused. Giving you more accurate results and completing business goals and objectives such as growth or expansion. And when research is conducted accurately, your risks are reduced to a minimum.

It shows that procurement market intelligence is essential for you to grow your business and flourish with several benefits from increased sales to relevancy and more revenue for the company to operate with.


As we have reviewed, procurement market intelligence can be a handy tool for anyone wanting to grow or make the right name for their business.

While there are other options available, like using tactics that do not include specific market intelligence techniques, the reality is that a method like this has been long used and proven foolproof for many businesses who had come to stay.

The accuracy and timely intelligence levels have provided companies with several benefits, such as making better decisions and choosing suppliers. Now you too can improve your business’s quality in just a matter of time.