Mobile app development has been one of the highly sought skills amongst developers due to its huge returns. People end up paying handsomely to have applications created for them a process which at times take a long time that supposed to because the process would require prototyping and sometimes a lot of time user ascertaining if the mobile App meets their preference.

But do you know that there are mobile app development tools which can save you all the money and trouble with getting a new mobile application? There are many mobile app testing tools which entail; Monocross, Xamarin, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Sencha Ext Js, Adobe build, Convertigo amongst many other mobile app development tools.

With technology taking the center stage of most activities especially in the business and recreation fields, people are resulting in accessing technological resources like websites and mobile applications to promote their businesses and fun world.

There are many online shops which trade using mobile apps like the Amazon, Alibaba amongst other trading stores which have enabled millions of traders and buyers to meet across the world. The betting and Forex trading industry is another field where mobile apps have become key entities as the bookmakers try to provide efficiency of their online portals.

The love for mobile apps is becoming greater as they are fast, economical and considered easy to navigate by users. Looking forward to taking your business online? Or maybe seeking to promote your brand, sell skills; trainers are doing this that’s through the workouts mobile applications, also entrepreneurs are using the apps to advertise and trade their skills anywhere in the global community.

Unlike in the earlier cases where a code would only be used for one specific application, developers have come up with flexible and highly responsive app and website development software; through these, a user only needs to select a theme (The predetermined general layout), place their preferred icons just by dragging them into the shell and finally name the different icons. The mobile application development software are increasingly rocking the market and there has been a problem of identifying the best platforms to use.

Five Best Mobile App Development Tools

Using mobile app development tools may seem complicated but is the simplest and most ideal approach towards creating and owning an application since the user will be in charge of the development hence there are precision and accuracy in the application development. The list of the best Mobile app building tools as compiled by our experts entail:

Phone Gap

This is one of the best mobile applications development tools availed by the Adobe systems. PhoneGap Users are not required to have any prior knowledge on mobile applications programming as the software takes care of that rather users are preferably required to have some minor and easier website design related languages familiarity; HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. This tool enables the user to develop applications which are usable under different platforms. Additionally, the PhoneGap, an app development tool interacts with the hardware that’s a camera, accelerator amongst other physical entities and also has a backed system which ensures optimal performance.

Ionic mobile application development tool

The Ionic tool is ideal for the development of Hybrid mobile applications using the latest website technologies; HTML5, CSS, and SASS. The ionic mobile app development tool is an SDK open-source tool which facilitates the building of highly interactive mobile applications. Ionic superiority is as a result of the high level and powerful programming languages used in addition to the HTML, CSS, and SASS; first the tool’s reliance on JavaScript components which it uses in the building of mobile apps and finally the entire ionic software has a framework developed from AngularJs frameworks which makes application building very easy.


Xamarin is the best tool recommended for development of native mobile applications. Xamarin uses visual studio resources to deliver native apps in various versions; Android mobile apps, iOS mobile app, and Windows apps using a single shared .NET code base.

Xamarin’s native user interface is made in a way to ensure that the end mobile application does not only look like what the user wanted but also executes all the user’s functions appropriately. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android avails a complete SDK for .NET developers and one is able to develop native apps using visual studio C# and F#. The native mobile application developed using Xamarin has to access to full functionality and platform capabilities like ARKIT and ability to update mobile applications within a short period of time. Xamarin development tool ensures there are few lines of code used hence reducing errors and validation time since the program may require a single validation test. Xamarin may be termed the king of cross-platform app development with numerous features; UI controls, third-party website services, cross-platform libraries, and Xamarin superiority are also boosted by its integration ability with several backend resources; Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, etc…


The mobile application can be developed, tested, connected and functionality verified using this JavaScript programming language based cross-platform mobile application development software. Appcelerator ensures fast product development and delivery by using one code base across numerous platforms; Android platforms, iOS platforms, windows phone platforms, Blackberry, etc…

This Mobile app development tool is ideal for rapid development of mobile application as it allows developers to come up with a prototype within no time and test its UI status with respect to the users. Appcelerator has built-in connectors just to mention a few; Ms. Azure, MS SQL, SalesForce, MongoDB, Box and integrations which entail the SCM and MDM. This has a newer version which is seemingly more stable thus solving the buggy and laggy scenarios created in the earlier versions.

Kony AppPlatform

This is a JavaScript-based app development tool which is suitable for both native and cross-platform mobile application development intensively used by enterprises with a growing demand for mobile applications. This mobile app development tool supports drag-and-drop of features from the Kony libraries hence making it one of the best development tools for non-developers and supporting fast development process a feature boosted by the Kony strong multi-channel JavaScript APIs.

Mobile app development tools: Conclusion

Mobile app development tools have simplified the process of creating mobile application hence saving money as the customer only needs to pay a little subscription fee to these development platforms instead of spending a lot in paying experienced mobile applications programmers. Additionally, the languages the user is expected to be well versed with are basic and easy to comprehend meaning that one can now easily be their own developers. The list compiled in this review entails the best mobile application development tools as there is a large pool of development platforms from which our experts picked the best.